Finish Already!

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I’m looking over all of the different blogs, writings and poetry on various social media platforms and realizing that I write a lot less than most. And on top of that, my writings, stories, poems etc, come up short when it comes to building and development. It’s like I’m not finished. Maybe I’m not finished and that’s why my work shows what’s lacking in me.

I’ve always written with the ending in mind then work my way backwards, into a full story. Or is it forward? Anywho, if I can’t hear the ending, I don’t start it. Is that lame? Well, it’s my way.

Maybe if I wrote more I would learn how to truly develop my writings as to keep and maintain the interest of the reader. This, what you’re currently reading, is totally unplanned. I had no ending in mind when I started, and still don’t. Maybe I’ll have one by the time I get to the end of this sentence. Maybe that’s what it’s all about. Just starting. Just writing. Maybe one day I will finish already.

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