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Have you ever longed to go home but didn’t know where to find home? I don’t mean an address necessarily. I mean that place where you can be yourself, let your hair down so to speak. Where you don’t have to explain yourself and you’re understood just with an embrace and a smile. Where it’s not hard to be you. I wonder does that place exist. Can it exist in the here and now?

Could it be purpose? Being fulfilled in a place you were born to be? Doing what you were created to do in the earth? So much of what we do defines us; gives us meaning. If I could do and be what and who I was destined to do and be, that would most definitely feel like home. Or would it? How will I know? Oh how I long to feel like I’m at home.

Maybe the place called home is someone. Could it be? I think so. The place where a heart is also a home? It sounds like the safest place to call home. The place where words are the lowest form of communication. The place where a sigh of relief is the door bell and let’s me in every time. Spirit to spirit conversations. Connecting one on one, soul to soul.

Yeah, there has to be a place called home. That’s where I belong. That’s where I wanna be; home.

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23 thoughts on “Home

  1. Home is a big theme in my poetry. I haven’t found it yet, and I’ve always felt its absence. It’s definitely a soulful place for me; perhaps a soulmate would be home. I’m pretty convinced I won’t find home in this lifetime though.

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    1. I’ve always longed for that place called home. I think I’ve found it; finally. I’ve found a city and a heart where I feel safe and at home. Why do you think you won’t find it in the here and now?

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      1. I did marriage (25 years), am close with God, have family, have a job that I couldn’t possibly love more, am not into materialism, yet I’ve never (even as a youth) felt like I’ve found home, a place where I wholly feel I belong. I’ve got a half-lifetime left if I’m lucky. We’ll see…


      2. I thought and felt the same. Then one day, this past May as a matter of fact, I was riding through a neighborhood I lived in about 17 years ago and it hit me. Something happened as I drove. I was overwhelmed by this feeling of home. It was a feeling. I didn’t want to drive back to where I lived. I hadn’t felt that way 17 years ago when I lived there. Strange but it felt so real to me. I have to go back. I plan to move back if the Father says the same. I sure hope so.
        Also, this heart where I feel I belong? When I try to leave it, I feel this unbelievable ache; grief/sorrow. The Father tells me to reconnect, I do. Where it’s headed? I have no idea. I had totally abandoned the idea of finding a heart to belong to.

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      3. How wonderful on all accounts! I haven’t given up hope. In fact, part of me senses it’s near. But I can’t allow myself to get my hopes up too high (because I love to ruuuuuunnnnn with what I think is my trusted soul speaking).

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