Almost Done; the master’s work

Math is not a strong suit of mine. I can do it, I’m just not crazy about it. I can perform math functions without even realizing it and it pleases my brain to do so that way. If math turns out to be a side note or byproduct of another action, even better. But perform math deliberately, nah.

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As I was eating breakfast this morning it dawned on my that as I was equally distributing my portions, I was actually performing mathematical functions. Perhaps percentages, as I needed to know how much bacon per forkfull of cakes. Maybe some geometry and a little algebra. I frequently needed to solve for “x” or what it was I was going to put into my mouth next to complete this full bodied, flavorful bunch of sweetness.

Have you ever noticed the way that we eat our food? I mean the way that we portion each item just so. I ate each bite of pancake with a bite of bacon. I even took a sip of juice according to the amount of moisture, or lack thereof, into my mouth as needed. Why is this topic important you may ask. Well, it shows that we are much smarter than we think.

Here I am performing percentages and partial geometric equations and solutions over a stack of pancakes and bacon. Including the liquid adds another dimension of smarts to my repertoire. It reminds me that being intelligent is apart of our being whether we’re conscious of it or not. We are smart. You may say, “That doesn’t take smarts, just hunger.” and you would be partly correct. However, that’s even more of the miraculous about our makeup as human beings.

Even in a state of lack or deprivation, our brains still have the capacity and wherewithal to perform the most trivial of tasks by proportionately allocating bite-sized morsels into our mouths in just the most satisfying of combos. Whew, that was a mouthful. (no pun intended) If God created, and he did, such seemingly complex features in just this small area of our makeup, how much more will he complete the major things in our lives. Especially when it comes to our purpose.

God always finishes what he starts, know that what he started in you he will most definitely complete. So the next time you sit down to have a stack of pancakes remember, you’re a mathematical genius and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you too are not half done.

Scripture references: Colossians 2:10; Philippines 1:6

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