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I’ve just felt like writing today. It usually takes a lot for me to pen a poem. I must be inspired by a song, a beautiful image, a feeling or be in a blah kinda mood. Today is one of those days. Nothing super spiritual, nothing spectacular, just a girl writing about the memory of a boy in my thoughts. Here goes. . .

Him, You’re Not Him

You don’t have his voice
Cause you’re not him
You make a good second choice
But you’re not him

I don’t want another
I don’t want to smother
In the lies of something

Than Your smile
That crease in your lips
The way you almost murmur
Something sweet from the tip

Of your tongue
From the edge of your seat
The way you breathe to the rhythm
Keep pace with the beat

of my heart
The very rhythm of my soul
How you know when I think of you
Thoughts weeks, or even days old

Oh how I miss those
Subtle hints of sweetness in your voice
To me, everyone else is a poor
Second choice

What’d you think? Drop your thoughts in the comments and thank you for reading my thoughts.

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