The Song of Music

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Music inspires. It captivates its audience. Music has its own rhythm specifically designed for each ear. A song gives account of an experience, real or imagined, from the writer. Yet the listener has the liberty to adjust the story; make it their own, presently. A song is the heart felt expression of the soul’s content; its innermost longings and desires. One can hear the pain, the love, the joy and even the anger from tempo. Melodies are

strung together to create emotional attachments to a memory, a fragrance in time. Once heard, a single melody has the ability to captivate the ear of the listener, catapult souls instantaneously like a time capsule into another place; time past or create a newly imagined

future. The song of music. Music sings a song without words or vocals or lyrical suggestions. Music soothes. Music mellows. Music has the ability within itself to control the atmosphere and arrest the weary soul. The song of music, the story of music, the force of music, morphs into a life of its own and it never dies. Music, an eternal song. Timeless.

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