The Journey Begins

Hi, welcome to my very first blog! Yay me! My name is Dorothy, hence dorothy’s page. Clever right? I know, I’m a genius. Full name Dorothy Elaine Young (my initials dey), which launched the site name Here, you’ll learn a little bit about who I am through narratives, poetry and expressions in the art of writing.

As the second eldest of four girls living in the south, my desire was to succeed, overcome the weight of poverty, and pursue my life’s purpose. Purpose and success haunted me constantly. I had never seen success, but I knew I wanted it; needed it. I imagined it would be fairly easy to obtain. Just go to school, get good grades, graduate then make it through college.

Funny thing though, I had no idea what I was going to do to obtain this illusive success. A gymnast, flight attendant, journalist, executive, whatever would yield the most results the fastest. But I never seemed to stick with anything that required patience or endurance. After watching others run up the latter ahead of me, I figured “There has to be a better way. How are they doing this? I have a degree just like they do. What gives?”

One day I was introduced to the word process. I was intrigued. “What is this process you speak of?”, I pondered to myself as I absorbed the wisdom of one of my many teachers in the faith. The moment I heard that seven letter word I knew that it would be the bridge I would have to cross to make it into the land of success. It’s ironic that the word process has seven letters. For seven is the biblical number for completion/perfection. Because success, is a process. How apropos.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, this process to success and for following dorothy’spage – deyspublishing.wordpress.

dorothy’s page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

20 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Dorothy, this is Awesome as I also begin my journey…”gymnast, flight attendant, journalist, executive, whatever would yield the most results the fastest. But I never seemed to stick with anything that required patience or endurance”… you had me here! These words truly resonated with me. You SERIOUSLY caught my attention with the exact, regarding some of my SAME interests and lack of patience or endurance. My Mother would always quote a Spanish saying to me that basically said, “You target for so many, yet hit nothing”…those were hurtful words, yet still I knew at the same time that there was nothing wrong with my constantly seeking my interests, my passion and my purpose; only it started to feel like it was taking much too long. However now, I can say its FINALLY begun and its been in front of me all along, only that “patience and endurance thing” kept delaying me!
    Thanks Dorothy, I feel like I’ve found a new friend just like me! Lol

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    1. Oh my God another ME!!! And your mom’s saying? Spot on! Hurtful but true. I’m still searching for my home in this world. Last bloomer I suppose. I wish I’d bloom already! Uugh! LOL Your words have been a delight to me today. I am so encouraged to see that I’m not the only one, “driving fast with my feet on the gas” as the lyrics to India Arie’s song ‘Slow Down’ so delicately put it.
      Keep up with me on this journey which I hope leads to my purpose, my destiny. . .me.😊

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  2. Hi Dorothy,

    Thank you for starting a Christian blog. I see inspired by our common link Bruce? It is a pleasure for me to also become motivated, which stems from your writing. Although a dyslexic, I have overcome many thanks to gifts and love from Jesus, who has been at pains, explaining to me just who the Holy Spirit is?

    Thankfully I have beem blessed to move forward, through the friendship of the teamleaders under Cheti’s leadership. “

    Bleaasings and peace be within you.


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    1. You’re welcome Michael. I think I learn backwards myself. We’re in good company because the Father knows the end from the beginning as well. 😊 We’re blessed. That’s how I choose to view it. (a play on words there)😁

      It’s a pleasure to meet you and I’ll be seeing you in Twitterland.

      Peace to you and yours.


  3. Hi, thank you for your honesty. Yes, success in Christ is a process. My first blog did not receive a comment for weeks. You are on your way, my sweet sister. If I can help you with anything, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m praying for your success.

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  4. Funny how we start off in life, and how we focus on “relevant” matters, which balance our thinking. Finding that purpose in life, is for me, like you, is a process.
    As we focus on who and what is God, He so great and everlasting has the grace and patience to help us fine our way into the future, with His Spirit as our guide!
    Grace and peace be within you child of God.

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